Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I got my Plaid!

Well, I finally got my plaid! It's an Ancient Campbell set, authentically woven and very hot to wear in the middle of summer in Florida! I put it on tonight to take some pictures for my profile and I wished for Highland weather!

And, no, you cannot put a greatkilt on by yourself! It's not possible, and now I know why the Scotsmen fought in only their sarks, because they obviously would never get it on quickly to join a battle in the morning! I ordered my kilt from The Celtic Croft and if you really want to get a real greatkilt, I would get it from them. They have pretty much every tartan you could imagine and at really good prices for the quality you get. Mine, I think would last a lifetime, even if I was on campaign and sleeping in the heather.

My traditional saffron sark (which my mom made me ;-) is a rustic homespun weave I amazingly found at Jo Anne's craft store! (love it when I can find authentic stuff there!) And I do have a plain penannular broach on as well that I got with my kilt. My bonnet is also authentic; it's made from a knitting pattern from the seventeen hundreds and is what the Jacobites would have worn. It's felted too, by the way. No, it's not my blue bonnet, but it has my Clan Wallace hat pin in it! And of course, I'm wearing my medieval/WWI boots. How they can look perfect for either time period is really beyond me. And yes, I do have a broadsword. Why would anyone think differently? ;-)

So, aye, this is what I do for fun, dress up in historic costumes and stage fight scenes for my books and such. Fight scenes are really no good unless you can act them out, ye know!

Just to let you all know, I'm sorry I have not been writing, yes, I'm still alive! I've been very busy writing my novels and am hopefully going to be self publishing one by the end of the month or by next month at the latest, so I'm very excited to be able to share with you some of my fiction at last! If you want to read an excerpt for my book, go here to my other blog. I will be sure to tell you when my book comes out and where you can get it!

So, slainte, and I will be back some other time, hopefully!