Monday, March 1, 2010

Up for Suggestions

I apologize fully for only posting one thing last week. I have been busy and have also been writing and researching for a novel at the moment, so I have not had time to write anything for Bonnets and Broadswords. I have to find something to talk about this month because nothing I have found really happened in March, so if anyone has any suggestions of what they might like to hear about, please tell me! I am up for suggestions. I mean it too! If you have an idea, please share! Either post it on the page, or email me at

So I'll probably be doing several random posts this month whenever I get the time. Next month I am going to deem Jacobite Month because the famous Battle of Culloden happened on the 16th of April. So if you are studying about the Jacobites or just particularly like that time period, please be sure to come back next month to check it out.

As it is, today, I will post this link to a video of David R. Ross giving a tour of Glasgow Cathedral that way you can still have your history lesson today! 

I will try to be back sometime this week with a real post, but until then, keep thinking of things you may want me to talk about.

Slainte, Hazel

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