Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, it's April now, spring has sprung and it's far too hot for me now, but that just means more time inside doing research and more time to write! This month there will be lots more posts then last month, due to the fact that I actually have something to talk about this month and also that I have finished writing the book I was working on, so my mind is clearer for more historical research!

This month, I am going to be talking about the Jacobites of the 1745 uprising. Perhaps I should explain first what a Jacobite is. The name "Jacobite" comes from Jacobus the Latin name for James. This was in reference to the Stuart kings (the royal family of Scotland) who, at the time of the first Jacobites, were going through a spirt of being called James. The Jacobites, in turn, were the ones loyal to the Scottish kings, and thus against English rule. The opposite of a Jacobite is a Whig, or Whigamore who were pretty much, Scots who had nothing against English rule. The Jacobites I'm going to be talking about this month are actually some of the last Jacobites who fought in the last Jacobites uprising. I have mentioned before that Rob Roy was a Jacobite and that he fought in the 1715 and 1719 uprisings. Those were for James the III of England and (if my calculations are correct) VIII of Scots. The Jacobite uprising of 1745 was for his son, Charles Edward Stuart, more commonly known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. Most people who have read anything about Scottish history have heard of the Bonnie Prince and also of the infamous Battle of Culloden where the clan system was broken. My reason for talking about the Jacobites this month is because the Battle of Culloden was fought on the 16th of April in 1746. It was a sad loss for the Scots and Scottish people today still hold commemorations for the brave men who fought and died on the cold rainy moor. 

So several times a week, this month, I will be posting short things on the 1745 uprising, like the battles that were fought, some of the people who were involved in it and hopefully some good books on the matter. I will also accompany every post with a link to a Jacobite song for your enjoyment. So please check back regularly!

Also some new news to interest you Scottish historians who live in Scotland, they have finally opened the Robert the Bruce Heritage Center in Renton, so if you live anywhere close to that, go see it! You can find more out on The Society of William Wallace website. I seem to have lost the link to the actual Center website, but when I find it again, I will post it.

Also, here is another reminder about the Wallace safe conduct letter. Please go and sign their petition! 

So here's your song for the day. One of my favorites! Here's the Corries singing Johnny Cope 

So keep looking back for posts on the Jacobites!

Slainte, Hazel


  1. I always struggle to keep all the names of the royals straight, as well as all the dates and battles. Maybe through your short snippets of history I will actually manage to absorb some facts!

  2. Well, this time period is not too complicated seeing as we pretty much just have Prince Charles, but I agree, that time period in the fifteen and sixteen hundreds with all the Stuarts is very complicating. When I do eventually talk about that, I will do my best to keep it understandable!