Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Battle Season

Well, it's finally June and that finally starts off the Summer Battle Season in Scotland (as well as other places). Within the next four or five months, we will be talking about many battles and the men who fought in them. June has several amazing battles, including the famous Battle of Bannockburn, that I will be talking about this month along, hopefully, with some other posts to go along with Scotland: The Story of a Nation by Magnus Magnusson. Then in July, we will be talking about more battles, and celebrating three birthdays of three amazing Scots! August, I am planning to make another themed month, seeing as Wallace Day is in August, I am going to be talking about William Wallace along with other things that happened that month. Then of course, in September, we have the amazing Battle of Stirling on the 11th. One of the best victory's ever one by Scotland.

So I hope you will enjoy the excitement I have planned for you this summer! To get in the mood, here's battle ballad for you to listen to:

I'll be back later this week for our first post!

Slainte, Hazel

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