Monday, September 6, 2010


I am thinking this is going to be another slower month. There is not much to talk about and frankly, I will not have that much time to write about a lot of anything this month due to my novel writing conquests. Historic novels need research, and I will probably not have time to research for blog posts on the side.

However, there are two more important battles to pretty much conclude our Summer Battle Season, both coming up this week and I will try to have posts for them. I am also hoping to get a book of my poetry up on a self publishing site, which may happen this month, or it may not, but it's a goal I am setting to happen within the next couple months at least!

I may even have some smaller posts later this month as well, if I come up with any little thoughts on historical Scotland and if you have any requests on things you may want to know more about, please make sure you tell me. I am also still taking stories and/or comments on William Wallace, so if you think of anything you would like to share, please write it!

I'll go for now, but I will be back later this week to talk about the battles of Flodden and Stirling; two completely contrasting battles, but yet two that were so important to Scotland's history. One for the worst, one for the best.

Until then,
Slainte, Hazel

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