Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wanted: Shortbread Recipes!

It's that time of year again. Autumn, Winter and--baking season! Because everyone needs a little extra fat to stay warm (and as long as you're diligent with your sword practice, there should be no blame!) Anyway, for a long time, I have been looking for the perfect shortbread recipe. I have one that tastes very good, but it's not the right consistency. It's too caky and not crispy or flakey enough. This holiday season, I'm asking everyone to share shortbread recipes or tips that will help me make the perfect shortbread! Because shortbread is at the heart of Scottish tradition and it's also very good with coffee!

If you want to share, just post it here, or if it's online, post a link. I'll be willing to try any suggestions that come in! I might even share a couple recipes this year as well!

Slainte, Hazel


  1. I don't have a recipe, but I'd be happy to help you taste them all.

  2. Okay, I'll also need a taster, depending on how many recipes I get!!! =D