Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Second Birthday

Today we celebrate another birthday from Scotland's history. This time, it's Robert the Bruce, he of Bannockburn fame! In 1272 he was born on this day into the Bruce family. His father was loyal to King Edward Longshanks and Bruce, throughout the years Wallace was fighting against England, was shifting between being loyal to England and being loyal to Scotland. However, after Wallace's death in 1305, Bruce took up his sword, took up the crown and fought for Scotland as it's Hero King and won Scotland's freedom on the fields of Bannockburn

So celebrate Bruce's birthday! between him and Wallace, an enduring legacy has been made for Scotland, not only back in the days they still roamed the hills and glens, but now as well. Bruce is a National Hero and he deserves at least a wee happy birthday from all of us today! Even if you just read about his exploits or start reading a novel featuring him, take some time to recognize the man for who he really was.

I'll try to be back this week, but I will not make any promises because I am on vacation! ;-), but next week, I will have some more Battle reports posted for our Battle Season.

Slainte, Hazel

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