Friday, February 18, 2011

History Buffs Unlimited! Open for Business!

I finally started a store on, and I'd love you all to come and take a look at it! I am still adding things, and will be for as long as I can come up with them, but right now I have a good selection of Scottish things and other things pertaining to everything historical! My shop is called History Buffs Unlimited and it's mainly a place to get fun novelty t-shirts and items for history buffs. I also have a section for literature as well for those of you who love the classic authors! Please go and take a look, even if you are just window shopping! Drop me a comment here to tell me what you think. The store itself is lacking but I will get to that later. Let me know if you have any suggestions, questions or anything particular you might be looking for! I'd love to hear your ideas! Here's the link: History Buffs Unlimited (You can also find it in the link bar to the left where you can check out my cousin's store on Zazzle as well!)

Have fun! And again, please let me know what you think! I'd like some feedback!

Slainte, Hazel

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