Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wanted: Your Thoughts

Okay, everyone, I have to admit that I was very disappointed last year when I asked for your thoughts on William Wallace for Wallace Day and got nothing from you. This year, I hope, will be different (that was a non-subtle hint) My goal it to AT LEAST gather ten thoughts about William Wallace from my readers. I know people read my blog, but you seem afraid to comment. Why? I don't bite!

But getting back to Wallace. Everyone with any poetry in their soul loves William Wallace. He's a hero that has touched not only Scotland, but the world (due in part to Randall Wallace of course). So I want you to help me with my Wallace Day goal this year and tell me your thoughts on William Wallace. Even if it's just a short comment, I would love to hear it! By thoughts, I also include poems, personal experiences, short stories, or even a book review. See if you can find a book about Wallace I haven't read! (Maybe that should be another goal for you!)

I want to hear your thoughts by the end of the month, and if I don't get ANY people to write in, I'm just going to try again next year anyway, so you may as well do it this year! At least comment. But if you do happen to have any stories or poems (which I would really love to read) please email them to me at

I would like to post all the thoughts I get on my blog, but if you do not want your thoughts published, just let me know and I will keep them to myself.

But really, my dear readers, I dare you to think of Wallace not not feel some form of amazement for what he did. He is one of the most inspiring people in history. So you see now why I want to hear what you think about him?

I'll be back later with more Wallace things and, hopefully some comments! ;-)

Slainte, Hazel


  1. I think that William Wallace is mystical to Scots and a mystery to the English.
    Two reasons.
    The Scots "get" the notion of Freedom.
    The English dont get the concept that their rule is not considered a blessing. That people are not grateful for having their land stolen.
    But perhaps more so..the English and Scots look on History in different ways. The English are too literal, soul-less, lacking in imagination and dont understand the value of Myth or Legend. Indeed they disparage Myth and Legend, highly valued in the Celtic World.
    The English understand Truth (in relation to Wallace) but not the Higher Truth that he fought for.
    To some extent this was their reaction to "Braveheart" (or "Michael Collins" for that matter)......a whinge that they were mis-represented.

    John (the artist formerly known as FitzjamesHorse)

  2. Thank you, John. I'm glad you wrote in. I hold nothing against the English as a whole for they had their heroes too, but it is true that their view of history is different. No one can remember a defeat like the Celtic races, and they remember them to honor the men who gave their all for what they believed in. It's truly a special thing that no other countries really have.

  3. Any man who can erase apathy, fear, and discouragement from his people, and rouse them to fight against a power such as England is truly an epic hero and a great man.

  4. Thank you very much, I think we're all in agreement on that one.