Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wallace Day & 100th Post!

Well, here's a good Wallace Day to everyone! And also, this is my 100th post on Bonnets and Broadswords! I really can't believe I have written 100 posts, as it's only been about a year and a half since I started. But enough about all my wee sentiments, today is for Wallace, and I think we all need to give a few minutes to remember how he gave his life for the freedom of Scotland.

Last year, I posted a poem I wrote and some of my feelings on Wallace. For want of repeating myself, I'll just suggest for you to look at last year's post and read it for yourself if you have not already.

This year, I have another poem for you. I hope to eventually get together a poem book, and maybe it will be out by Christmas, I don't know yet, but until then, here's a Wallace poem I wrote called Freedom's Champion

It was not for glory that he fought

Our Wallace, brave and true.

For he had only thoughts of freedom

When he stood under the White and the Blue.

Nor was it for fame he risked his life

And fought when no one else would

To free his land from the English tyrant,

For Scotland, he did all he could.

And neither was it for riches he defied

Cruel Longshanks the English king.

He rose and fought for his mother land

Like a valiant eagle on the wing.

Our Wallace was the bravest of men,

He fought with no reserve.

He defied England and its tyranny

For no false king would he serve.

Wallace was betrayed by Menteith

Who prized gold over his native land.

And sad was that awful day

When he was delivered into the Tyrant’s hand.

But Wallace was defiant to the last,

He would never give in.

He vowed to fight to his last breath

Never mind what they would do to him.

It was because of all this

That the men followed him true.

They followed him faithfully to the death

And made the English their deeds to rue.

And it was because of his noble deeds

That we remember him still.

The brave man who fought for his country

And never gave in to Longshanks’ will.

For, William, you were never forgotten,

No matter your thoughts back then.

You’re still very much in Scotland today

And fill the hearts of all the men.

This is a poem that will eventually grace the end of my upcoming novel, Freedom's Sword. If you haven't looked at my recent book about young Wallace, Freedom Come All Ye please do.

On another note, I am still looking for thoughts and I have only gotten one! I want to collect ten by the end of the month, so please tell me what you think about William Wallace. I spilled my heart last year, it's your turn this year!

So at least take the time to read a bit about Wallace today, read some poems, watch Braveheart or something and think for a few minutes about Scotland National Hero.

Alba gu Bragh

Slainte, Hazel


  1. I've just finished your excellent book and thoroughly enjoyed it! You've made me want to learn more about Wallace as well. =)

  2. Thanks, Karen, I'm really glad you liked it! Also glad it inspired you to want to learn more about Wallace. Thanks for the review on my new book as well, I'm excited to say it should be out by next month!