Monday, September 5, 2011

My Author's Blog

Well, since I published my first book, I decided to start an author's blog now! It's mainly just for fun and laughs, but I hope to teach people a little bit about the history surrounding my novels and also share some of my favorite books and authors with you. I am also going to be giving out writing tips on occasion in a fun and very unacademic way.

The really fun part about my blog is that I'm going to be writing some of the posts from the point of view of my characters. I've even had them comment on the posts to make it more fun for you readers. The blog is also for you to get to know the characters more and have a chance to interact with them. (Truthfully, it's not as weird as it seems. It's all just for fun!)

So hop over to by new blog at 

Also, you know what I'm going to say, but I'm disappointed I only got one thought on Wallace for Wallace Day. Very sad about that. So I've decided to be nice (again) and give you another chance. If you can think of anything now, just let me know. Even if you just say something like "William Wallace is really awesome" I'll be happy. Because remember, Wallace is a character I used in my latest book and he's going to be writing in on my author's blog, so he would like to see what you say about him. ;-)

All right, I'll be back when I can think of what I want to write about next. Don't forget that the Battle of Stirling was fought on the 11th of this month! Hey, that's another good chance to write in about thoughts of Wallace!

Slainte, Hazel

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